Friday, December 21, 2012

It's What??

Yeah. How about that. My fall can be summed up in one sentence, "Holy (choose your own expletive)! What do you mean it's _________________ ?!"

I'm a bit behind.

I've made a few cards,but since I've been lost in a perpetual state of catching up, I haven't photographed or posted any. I'm lucky they made it to their intended recipients on time. I'm hoping two weeks off will help me get my act together.

So, of course, I'm pushing Christmas cards out the door as fast as humanly possible, but I really wanted to get something posted. Thankfully, I've found some sketches that made that easier.

Thanks, Deconstructing Jen! I love your sketches and would get even less done without you! Here's her sketch:
Deconstructed Sketch No. 82
With any luck, I'll turn it later today and get another knocked out... Hey, a girl can dream!
Stay warm!