Sunday, August 23, 2009

Making Patterned Digi Paper

We went to Spartanburg last week to
Wofford College for the Panthers' training camp.
Since even the preseason tickets are crazy expensive ($61 each for the nosebleeds!) this is our only opportunity to see the home team up close and personal. It's free to watch, and there was a lot to see!

I needed some patterned paper for the left side, but I don't have any football-themed stuff. It's easy to use up your scrap budget buying kits when you only need one piece, so it was time for a little creativity.

I googled 'football play' then asked for images, and got this:

Then I layered it on top of a piece of black paper I got from a 2Peas freebie kit, then dropped the opacity of the play to 35%. Ta-daaa!

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  1. I just love how you made the paper for this. Genius!