Monday, September 7, 2009

Keeping it cheap with Doodlebats and Dingbats. Found freebies, too!

Saw the cutest stamp set at Unity

Fun possibilities, huh?

So, I wondered - how can I get the same effect for a lot less, or better yet, for free?

Doodlebats and Dingbats!

I just kind of slapped this together - I know it's not much of a card. Totally for demonstrative purposes.

These critters are from They're often on sale, but even when they're not, they're $3.

There are some crazy FREEBIE aliens at
that should be fun and useful to those of us who have boys!

In both cases, the figures are blackline I colored these guys.

Oh - ran into some other Freebies today:
From Michelle Underwood at 2Peas:
From Grainger, also at 2Peas:
From The French Frog:

A template from A Cherry on Top:

And don't forget - Freebies Forever

Have fun!


  1. Thanks for sharing those links! Love what you did with those critters!

  2. adorable and thanks for the freebie links.....dafont could be the death of me...I could stay on there for hours!

  3. Thanks for joining Copic Buzz and I am so happy that I stopped by your blog it is lovely and you haves such wonderful Freebie info. We all love Freebies at Copic Buzz so do post some of the ones you find over there also.